First AI powered ad platform!

Trusted by startups and blue chip companies, we take online advertising to the next level of precision targeting.

About us

Our artificial intelligence powered algorithm knows exactly where and who to show your ads to by scanning the web and targeting the audience based on factors that go beyond basic statistics and KPIs. Think attention span, ideological inclines, mood and much more...

Demedia ad platform in a nutshell

Audience emotions based ad placement

We taught our AI algorithm to understand emotions that people communicate through words online. This enables us to precision broadcast ad banners to the exact audience that are in need of the advertised product or service, often before they even know it.

AI publisher grading

Text is the backbone of every website. It is also a backbone of communication that has a direct affect on us. This is why our algorithm studies all posts done by our ad publishing partners and keeps note of the mood they set, complimenting it with your business’ ad in the right place, at the right moment.

Live ad formats

We believe that ad banner formats should not be limited by initial campaign settings. Whilst delivering the right ad at the right time, our AI algorithm makes the decision on how to present your product or service, seamlessly integrating it into the audience’ eyesight.

AI governed marketing campaign

Apart from delegating the broadcasting, our technology augments your PR too, making inclusion and diversity the main pillars of each campaign. By placing an emphasis on communication we increase conversions, purchases and service requests beyond your expectations.

Our clients

Thanks to our in-house technology, we provide a stellar level of marketing to companies of any size and nature within ethical boundaries. Be it a financial institution, SaaS or cryptocurrency based businesses, we deliver your product or service to the doorstep of most likely clientele that is prone to turn from a lead to a long-term customer

Forget spending a lifetime looking for the right audience, because they can now be accessed in one click.

What do our clients say

Efficiency in marketing by AI

Productive marketing campaign stands for an efficient marketing campaign. By utilizing the built in benefits of our constantly advancing and learning technology, we achieve industry beating results that equate to high return on marketing budgets and the campaign duration. Therefore, your business gets to remain within the projected costs, but at the same time experiences growth that is unachievable by existing standards of marketing conduct.

Business growth like never before

Talk to us to find out how Demedia can positively change your conversions and take your business growth into the substantial green.